Welcome to your Grad Club

Extraordinary procrastination starts here

Office 519-661-2111 Ext 86386

Bar 519-661-3082

Due to Phase Three Restrictions on Campus
The Grad Club will only have takeout service

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
11AM - 5PM
Closed Saturdays and Sundays

Located under the clock tower
Middlesex College Rm19


Welcome to YOUR Grad Club

Extraordinary procrastination starts here.

Bar 519-661-3082

The Grad Club
now operates Monday - Friday 11AM - 5PM

Takeout only


Lighter Fare

Mini Samosas (4) (vegan)    $4.40

Garden Salad  $5.50
Caesar Salad  $6.50
Pico De Gallo Salad $6.50

Add Chicken, Veggie Bites
or Falafel  $4.25

Wraps (vegan option available)

Chicken Caesar Wrap  $7.90

Buffalo Chicken Wrap   $7.90

Pico De Gallo Wrap $7.90

Wraps available white or whole wheat,

Choice of grilled or crispy chicken

Sub chicken with Falafels
Veggie Bites or Cauliflower Bites

Off the Grill

Beef Burger  $7.25

Grilled Chicken Burger  $7.25

Veggie Burger (vegan)  $6.25

Add Cheese  $0.70

Add Bacon  $1.15

Burger of the Day  $9.95

Burgers are served on a whole wheat bun
with lettuce, tomato & pickles

Sausage on a Bun  $5.50

Hot Dog  $4.50

Veggie Dog   $4.50

Nachos                            Sm $11.25

(vegan option available)   Lg   $19.75

Tex Mex Nacho Fries  Sm  $15.95

Lg  $28.50

Add beef, chicken or extra cheese

Sm $2.25  Lg $3.95


Pub Grub

Chicken Fingers  $8.75

Tossed Chicken Fingers   $9.50

Chicken Wings  Sm  $12.95

Served with carrots & celery  Lg  $24.95

Cauliflower Bites  Sm  $6.95

Served with carrots & celery   Lg  $13.50

Wings & Cauliflower Bites  $19.75

Sauce mild, medium, hot, suicide, honey garlic,

Thai, BBQ, garlic cream, Cajun or garlic parmesan rub

Add a side

Fries   Sm$3.25

Lg  $5.50

Garden Salad  Sm  $3.25

Lg  $5.50

Caesar  Salad   Sm  $3.50

Lg  $6.50

Onion Rings   Sm  $3.50

Lg  $6.50

Criss Cross Fries   Sm  $3.75

Lg   $7.50

Poutine                           Sm  $5.75

(vegan option available)   Lg  $8.25

Criss Cross Poutine   Sm  $6.75

Lg  $9.95

Take out available

Taxes not included